Harry Gill Medal Finalists

The Harry Gill Medal is one of the focuses of Saturday’s Presentation Night and is awarded to the club person of the year, a person who knows what it means to live and breathe MUSC, not just on game days but throughout the week and the season

Harry Gill is a long serving club stalwart, playing 650 games scoring 190 goals along the way, whilst holding role of captain, coach, committee member, supporter, award winner and life member. Harry would only want to be acknowledged as a player who has given everything to the teams he has played in. He has a passion on nurturing and educating players, being a mentor to help ensure a strong playing future of the club. Harry helped support the merger between the Blues and Rangers clubs helping shape the focus of the club to ensure the on field success and general growth of the club, and assisted in ensuring it quickly developed a new stronger identity. Harry also represented the club at VCAT when needing to ensure the clubs playing future in FFV.  As Harry accepted but battled with the inevitable moving through the ranks to allow new students into its senior squad, Harry embraced the challenge of earning the playing respect amongst new teammates who know little of his history and cherished getting to know all the new faces that are apart of the club today. As a player and supporter of the club he has done all that he can on the field and off it, to ensure that the club grows and strengthen into one that players of all teams can be proud to represent.  

Christian Bianchi

Christian Bianchi hasn’t been around the club for long but is already making a huge impact. Christian processed the registration of 200+ players this year – a massive task! He’s been a reliable member of the State 5 squad and gone above and beyond as demonstrated by him spending a free Saturday attending a coaching course so he could improve as a player and spending a cold Friday night out at Eltham supporting the Women’s State League 1 team in a title-deciding clash. From a player perspective, Christian showed a level of responsibility for the team without being asked, which was very refreshing. He was very easy to work with in his role with registrations and seemed very responsible to players when he was helping them through the process.

Clare Browne

Clare Browne was the 2018 Vice President overseeing the club management and a particular hands on approach ensuring a fantastic experience for the largest women’s club in Victoria. Clare is a well recognised name via emails and friendly face omnipresent down at Northern Pavilion, demonstrating the ridiculous amount of hours she poured into the club this year. If you noticed any improvements at the club this year, odds are that Clare played a part in it. Playing on Sundays was not enough for Clare, and came down (and insisted on helping) for many Friday Night and Saturday matches, as well as being one of the first to arrive and last to leave on 11-1-3 pm KO Sundays. When the opportunity to collaborate with MU Sport for a Pride Round came up, the event was a huge success with Clare the key organisers many elements put together off her own back. Historically operating quite separately, Clare played a key role in bringing the men’s and women’s divisions even closer together, with more than just words, attending men’s coaches meetings, MSL5 training to meet the group and the MSL4 team meeting at the start of the season.

Lachlan Boughton

After a prosperous recruitment, development and coaching effort in 2017 getting our Metro 2’s promoted, and John L moving up to the State 4’s, Lachlan was faced with MUSC having two Metro 1 squads and no coaches to take them. There were rules around promoting between Metro’s, between teams and up and down from State competitions meaning a high level of team and player management required to abide by this unique situations.  Lachlan embraced the return of the derby (and took Sam along the coaching journey) and put a lot of thoughts into how to maximise this and create a friendly environment where everyone always enjoys playing in one of his squads. Whilst still being effectively feeder squads Lachlan had to manage this with an incredible amount of week to week variability in his squads. This was possible due to his big efforts in pre-season assessment funnelling, enjoying the registration team and spending additional time making sure no players who trialled for Saturday squads fell through the gaps (and provided opportunities to those who may. International students who would email looking to play when they arrive Lachlan would assist with their International Clearances with patience before they arrived and minimised the 30 day waiting period before they were eligible to play. Even though Lachlan has limited hours to commit to the club due to work commitment, he always finds a way to get the job done and contribute to club culture.