The University of Melbourne awards Blues to students for outstanding sporting performance at the Australian University Games and Championships. The Blues tradition originated at Oxford and Cambridge Universities, and is now an annual University of Melbourne event. Blues are awarded each November. 

2016 Brydie Siryj, Amy Froud, Laura Gibson Ebru Efe, Stephanie Skaras
2015 - Ruth Brooker, Clare Duck, Ebru Efe
2014 Nikki Ceeney, Maya Edgerton Bachmann Clare Duck, Ilona Jakab, Emma Littlewood
2013 Nikki Ceeney, Clare Duck, Emma Littlewood Ebru Efe, Jessica Sherman
2012 Nikki Ceeney, Amy Froud, Claire Groom Clare Duck, Emma Littlewood
2011 Jessica Kelly Maya Edgerton Bachmann, Anamika Joijode, Kristine Tomte Knutsen
2010 Rachel Bach -
2009 - Adrienne Heslop
2008 Adrienne Heslop Paige Dodds, Jessica Kelly, Keryn Walters
2007 - Adrienne Heslop
2006 Eva Fenwick, Naomi Francis, Simone Gristwood Adrienne Heslop, Keryn Walters
2005 Ingrid Cullen, Eva Fenwick, Madeleine Horey Simone Gristwood, Adrienne Heslop, Julia Scarfe
2004 - -
2003 - -