Clare Browne
Vice President

Our fearless leader and can-do woman. Studies medicine by day, runs the club by night (and day too). She’s a keeper, that’s for sure!

Adrienne Heslop

The calm and soothing voice of reason (but also our hilarious resident MC for social events). She’s been involved with the committee for years and boy, does she know a thing or two?!

Anna Leonedas

Spends a lot of time creating Google docs and emailing. Loves MUWSC even more than she loves Eurovision.

Helena Tan

Does a stellar job of keeping track of us all. You may not have met her, but if you’re a registered player at MUWSC, she probably knows everything about you.

Laura Van Rens
Social Coordinator

Rensy, our smiley, go-getter social coordinator and soon to be voetballer (she’s going on exchange).

Karoline Rivero-Bernacki
Media Officer

Our social media master and photographer extraordinaire, keeping you up to date with all the MUWSC news and scores.

Eleanor Acevedo
Injury Officer

If you’re injured, you can count on Ellie to cheer you up with a joke, a dance… and some insurance forms!