To acknowledge, recognise and reward outstanding sporting performance at an Australian University Sport (AUS) event, AUS undertakes a selection procedure known as Green and Gold selection. This process selects athletes in a merit Green and Gold team which is indicative of the best on field performance at the relevant event.

The following players were awarded Green and Gold for their performances at an Australian University Games.

2017 Brydie Siryj, Katherine Goff
2016 Emma Littlewood, India Tait
2015 -
2014 Maya Edgerton Bachmann
2013 Nikki Ceeney
2012 Nikki Ceeney, Claire Groom
2011 Jessica Kelly
2010 Rachel Bach, Stephanie Szkilnik
2009 Madeleine Horey
2008 Tara Smith
2007 -
2006 Katherine Kendall
2005 -
2004 -
2003 -
2002 Eva Fenwick